Smart Homes

Smart Homes

Innovative Smart Apartment Solutions for Enhanced Lifestyles

Welcome to the world of smart living with Electra Control Systems®– your partner in transforming private residences into innovative and intelligent apartments. Our expertise encompasses a wide array of solutions designed to enhance your lifestyle and elevate the functionality of your living spaces.


Lighting Control: Experience the perfect ambiance with our intelligent lighting solutions. Control brightness, color, and mood effortlessly, creating the right atmosphere for every moment.

Shutter Control: Effortlessly manage your blinds and shutters with our smart control systems. Enjoy privacy, regulate natural light, and enhance energy efficiency at your fingertips.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC): Achieve optimal comfort with our HVAC solutions. Smart climate control allows you to customize temperatures for different zones, ensuring a cozy environment while maximizing energy efficiency.

Security Systems: Protect what matters most with our advanced security solutions. Integrated surveillance, access control, and intrusion detection provide comprehensive security for your apartment.

Sensors and Automation: Experience the convenience of automation with sensors that respond to your needs. From motion sensors to smart thermostats, our systems adapt to your lifestyle.

Hot Water Control: Efficiently manage your hot water supply with our smart control systems. Enjoy the luxury of warm water while optimizing energy consumption.

Scheduling and Automation: Create personalized schedules for various systems in your apartment. From lighting scenes to temperature settings, automation simplifies your daily routines.

Discover the endless possibilities of smart living with Electra Control Systems®, where innovation meets comfort, and your apartment becomes a reflection of your modern lifestyle.