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Welcome to Electra Control Systems’ comprehensive solutions designed to transform the way you manage and optimize your environments. Our cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches ensure efficiency, sustainability, and seamless control across various sectors.

Comprehensive Solutions for Operational Excellence

Explore Electra Control Systems’ suite of 33 solutions designed to transform your building infrastructure. From advanced BMS and KNX technologies to tailored environmental and security systems, we provide holistic solutions that optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate user experiences.

Building Management Systems (BMS) by Electra Control Systems

Welcome to the forefront of building control and automation with Electra’s Building Management Systems (BMS). Our BMS solutions are designed to empower your facility, providing advanced control, monitoring, and optimization capabilities. Here’s an overview of our BMS offerings:

  1. Comprehensive Control: Our BMS ensures centralized control of various building systems, including HVAC, lighting, security, and more. This comprehensive approach enhances operational efficiency and creates a seamlessly integrated environment.
  2. Real-time Monitoring: Gain insights into your facility’s performance with real-time monitoring. Our BMS allows you to track and analyze data, enabling informed decision-making for improved energy efficiency and resource management.
  3. Energy Optimization: Electra’s BMS is geared towards energy optimization. Through intelligent algorithms and automation, we help minimize energy consumption, resulting in reduced operational costs and a smaller environmental footprint.
  4. Customized Solutions: Every facility is unique, and our BMS solutions are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether it’s a commercial building, industrial facility, or residential complex, Electra ensures a bespoke system that aligns with your goals.
  5. Scalability and Flexibility: As your facility evolves, so can our BMS. Our solutions are scalable and flexible, allowing for easy integration with new technologies and additional functionalities to adapt to changing needs.
  6. User-friendly Interface: Electra prioritizes user experience. Our BMS features an intuitive interface that enables users to manage and monitor building systems effortlessly. This user-friendly design promotes efficient operation and maintenance.
  7. Reliability and Support: Electra is committed to the reliability of our BMS solutions. Our expert team provides ongoing support, ensuring that your system operates optimally and efficiently throughout its lifecycle.

KNX Solutions by Electra Control Systems

Discover the power of intelligent automation with Electra’s KNX solutions, setting a new standard for control and connectivity in your environment. Here’s an insight into our KNX offerings:

  1. Smart Home Integration: Electra’s KNX solutions redefine modern living. Control lighting, heating, security, and more through a single, user-friendly interface. Our smart home solutions elevate your lifestyle, offering convenience and energy efficiency.
  2. Efficient Energy Management: KNX technology enhances energy management in your space. Enjoy optimized energy use through automated control of lighting, HVAC, and other systems. This results in reduced energy consumption and lower utility costs.
  3. Scalable and Adaptive: Adapt to evolving needs effortlessly with KNX. Our solutions are scalable, allowing you to integrate new devices seamlessly. KNX’s open standard ensures compatibility and future-proofing for your smart home or building.
  4. Customized Automation: Tailor automation to your preferences. Electra’s KNX solutions are highly customizable, enabling you to create scenarios that suit your lifestyle or operational requirements. Personalized automation brings comfort and efficiency to the forefront.
  5. Enhanced Security: Elevate security with KNX’s integrated approach. From lighting control to surveillance systems, our solutions provide a holistic security experience. Enjoy peace of mind with comprehensive monitoring and control capabilities.
  6. Interoperability and Interconnectivity: KNX thrives on interoperability. Integrate various devices and systems seamlessly for a cohesive smart environment. Electra ensures that your KNX solution harmonizes with different technologies, offering a unified experience.
  7. Expert Guidance and Support: Electra Control Systems provides expert guidance from design to implementation and ongoing support for your KNX solution. Our commitment is to ensure that your smart environment operates smoothly and efficiently.

Prepaid VRF Billing System

Effectively manage HVAC energy consumption, ensure fair usage charges, and promote energy conservation with our unique Prepaid VRF Billing System. This solution offers transparency and control over heating and cooling expenses, contributing to cost efficiency and sustainability.

Electra Control Systems developed the prepaid system for VRF air conditioning, providing services such as:

Pre-charging shops for heating and cooling.
Sending warning messages for low balances.
Automatic disconnection for stores with no credit.
A user-friendly interface for monitoring internal units, remaining balance, and temperature status.
Recording payment and consumption details for streamlined billing.
Comprehensive accounting model with device control.
Moreover, the system provides a user-friendly mobile application for Android and iPhone for easy task completion.

Benefits of the Prepaid VRF Billing System:

Transparency: Clear insight into heating and cooling expenses.
Cost Efficiency: Fair usage charges and optimal energy conservation.
Sustainability: Promotes eco-friendly practices and energy efficiency.
Convenience: User-friendly interface and mobile app for easy management.
Control: Manage and monitor HVAC systems with precision.


Implement SCADA solutions for real-time data acquisition, control, and monitoring of industrial processes, enhancing efficiency and safety. Our SCADA systems provide a comprehensive view of industrial operations, allowing for quick decision-making and improved overall performance.

Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS)

Ensure optimal indoor environmental conditions by tracking and managing parameters such as temperature, humidity, and air quality. Our environmental monitoring systems contribute to occupant well-being by creating healthy and comfortable indoor spaces.

Smart Home

 Elevate living experiences by automating everyday tasks, controlling lighting, temperature, and security through a single device. Our smart home solutions offer convenience, energy savings, and enhanced security, providing residents with a modern and comfortable lifestyle.

Smart Parking Guidance System

Provide real-time parking information, reduce congestion, and streamline parking processes with our smart parking guidance system. Enhance user experience by guiding drivers to available parking spaces, optimizing traffic flow, and minimizing search time.

Smart Parking Payment System

 Enable seamless, cashless transactions for efficient management and revenue collection in parking facilities. Our smart parking payment system enhances user convenience, reduces queuing times, and ensures secure and hassle-free transactions.

Automation and Control Systems

Integrate various building systems for improved operational efficiency, safety, and energy management. Our automation solutions ensure seamless communication between different systems, creating a cohesive and intelligent building management platform.

PLC Programmable Logical Control

 Provide reliable, robust control over industrial processes for precise control, reduced downtime, and improved productivity. Our PLC solutions are tailored to meet specific operational needs, ensuring the efficiency and reliability of industrial automation.

Lightning & Shading System

Optimize light control for enhanced comfort and energy efficiency through automated adjustments based on time of day or occupancy. Our lightning and shading systems create adaptable and responsive environments, promoting well-being and sustainability.

Legacy Integration

 Specialize in integrating legacy systems with newer technologies to optimize functionality and extend system lifecycles. Our legacy integration solutions ensure seamless coexistence between older and newer systems, preventing disruptions and maximizing efficiency.

Energy Management

Enable efficient energy utilization, reduce operational costs, and lower environmental impact through advanced monitoring and control systems. Our energy management solutions empower buildings to actively manage and optimize energy consumption for sustainability and cost savings.

Water Management

Ensure efficient water usage, minimize waste, and provide crucial data on water consumption for resource conservation. Our water management solutions contribute to sustainability by promoting responsible water use and minimizing environmental impact.

Electrical Solutions

Offer a wide range of electrical solutions, from installation and maintenance to system upgrades and modernization. Our certified electricians ensure safe, compliant, and efficient electrical operations, supporting the reliable functioning of various building systems.

Industrial Systems

Deliver cutting-edge industrial automation solutions to enhance process efficiency, machine-to-machine communication, and overall operational performance. Our industrial systems improve productivity, reduce errors, and ensure seamless integration of industrial processes.

Energy Saving

Design solutions to significantly reduce energy consumption and costs through strategies and technologies that optimize energy use. Our energy-saving solutions aim to create eco-friendly buildings by implementing efficient technologies and practices.

Leakage Systems

 Provide leakage detection systems for accurate and prompt detection of water or gas leaks, ensuring safety and efficiency. Our leakage systems prevent potential damage, minimize wastage, and contribute to a secure and reliable building environment.

Green Buildings

Offer comprehensive solutions for green buildings aimed at minimizing environmental impact while maximizing operational efficiency. Our green building solutions include energy and water conservation systems, renewable energy installations, and the use of eco-friendly materials.

Process Control

 Provide precise control over industrial operations through systems that monitor, adjust, and control the production process. Our process control solutions optimize efficiency, reduce errors, and ensure the consistency and quality of industrial processes.

Plant Management

Offer comprehensive plant management solutions for optimizing plant performance, enhancing safety, and improving productivity. Our plant management systems provide real-time monitoring and control, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency in industrial plants.

Hotel Management

Integrate all hotel operations into a single platform, managing reservations, room service, housekeeping, and other hotel operations. Our hotel management systems enhance guest experiences, improve operational efficiency, and ensure a high standard of service.

Security and Life Safety

Electra Control Systems excels in delivering advanced Security and Life Safety solutions integrated within our comprehensive Building Management Systems (BMS). Our security offerings encompass intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance, and fire safety systems, creating a fortified environment that ensures the safety of occupants, protects assets, and responds effectively to potential threats. With our BMS, security is seamlessly integrated, allowing for centralized control and monitoring, enhancing overall safety and operational efficiency. Elevate the security standards of your facility with Electra Control Systems’ BMS-integrated Security and Life Safety solutions.

Exterior Systems

 Provide exterior control systems for automating and controlling elements like lighting, gates, and landscaping for improved security and aesthetics. Our exterior systems enhance the curb appeal of buildings while contributing to energy efficiency and safety.

HVAC Control Systems

Offer intelligent HVAC control systems for automatic adjustments based on conditions and occupancy, ensuring a comfortable environment and maximizing energy efficiency. Our HVAC solutions optimize heating, ventilation, and air conditioning for optimal comfort and energy savings.

Mechanical Control Systems

 Deliver mechanical control solutions for various systems, enhancing operational efficiency and reliability. Our mechanical control systems ensure precise control over mechanical processes, reducing downtime and improving overall system performance.

Utility Monitoring

Offer utility monitoring solutions for real-time data on water, gas, and electricity usage, enabling informed decisions to reduce utility costs. Our utility monitoring systems provide valuable insights into consumption patterns, supporting efficient resource management.

Central Control

Consolidate control of various systems into a single, user-friendly interface for efficient, centralized management of facilities. Our central control systems simplify building operations, streamline decision-making, and enhance overall system management.

Data Center Environmental Monitoring System

Provide environmental monitoring solutions for data centers, ensuring optimal operating conditions and reducing the risk of downtime. Our data center environmental monitoring systems safeguard critical equipment and support reliable data center operations.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Offer comprehensive IoT solutions connecting and automating devices for enhanced efficiency, building automation, industrial IoT, and smart city solutions. Our IoT solutions enable real-time control, monitoring, and customization, creating intelligent and connected environments.

People Counting Solution

Utilize AI-powered technology to track occupancy and traffic for space utilization and safety in retail stores, office buildings, and public spaces. Our people counting solution supports informed decision-making, enhances space planning, and contributes to a safer environment.

Street Lighting Control System

Provide energy-efficient, automated control of street lighting, adjusting to environmental conditions and facilitating remote monitoring for safety and aesthetics in public spaces. Our street lighting control system contributes to energy savings, improved safety, and enhanced aesthetics in urban environments.

Comprehensive Building Management

Elevate your control over critical systems with our Building Management System (BMS), ensuring seamless management of HVAC, lighting, security, and more. Our integrated solutions guarantee operational efficiency and occupant comfort.

Cutting-Edge KNX Technology

Experience intelligent and energy-efficient control with our KNX Systems, providing a modernized approach to building automation. Benefit from seamless integration, flexibility, and enhanced functionality across diverse environments.

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